Healing the tumor

January 22, 2019

Parisa used to be a believer until she married a fanatic Muslim. She thought she could convert him. She eventually gave up. After a usual doctor’s check up, she found out that she had a big tumor and couldnt get pregnant. Devastated, she cried to Jesus and called the counseling center at Mohabat TV for prayer. She confessed that she had sinned and asked God for forgiveness and restoration with her husband. the counselors prayed for her, but she wasn’t healed. Parisa had to have an operation which would prevent her from ever getting pregnant. On the day of the operation, she had her last ultrasound. Stunned, the doctor said she id not need an operation! The tumor was gone. God did a miracle, and she is completely healed!

For Security reasons, the names and locations have been altered. The story is true, not fiction

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