Impact of Mohabat TV programs

January 29,2019

Fereydoon, a young man from Iran called Mohabat TV. He has a wife and child. He said his family was poor and lived in a crowded place. He worked with welding machines in an industrial company until one day he cut off his arm. He had to stay home and couldn’t work. His wife started working, and it really upset him. He never wanted his wife to support him. It hurt his pride, and he fell into a deep depression. Fereydoon committed suicide to end his life because he didn’t want to live with one arm. He cut up the veins in his other arm, but he didn’t die. God kept him. While he was home doing nothing, he started watching Mohabat TV and came across Joyce Meyers. He watched everyday, , twice a day, and gradually his perspective changed. Joyce Meyer’s teachings had such a powerful impact on his life that his depression left! His attitude change toward his wife and about Mohabat TV and Joyce Meyers program. He called to tell us that he never misses a show. He is actually learning English so he can watch all her teachings. He hopes one day to meet her and talk to her in English. He prayed to receive Jesus and was so happy.

For Security reasons, the names and locations have been altered. The story is true, not fiction

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