let’s see if this Jesus can help you!

September 13, 2016

Fataneh came across Mohabat TV one night and liked it at first. But the more she watched, she heard things that were contrary to her belief. So she stopped watching. Her husband was an addict and used to beat her and tie her up to a chair and lock her up in an isolated room. This continued for years until she remembered Mohabat TV, hearing that Jesus could save her and nothing is too hard for Him. So one of the nights that her husband was hitting her, she kept calling the name of Jesus. Her husband made fun of her and said; “let’s see if this Jesus can help you!” He tied her up and double locked the door and hid the keys. That night she prayed to Jesus for the first time and asked the Lord “As they said on TV, you promised to help and answer our prayers. So please release me from this prison!” As she was praying she felt the ropes loosen on her hand and as if she knew where the keys were, she got them and opened the door and escaped to her mom’s house. The next day, her husband went looking for her, just to find out who set her free. Since then she always prays to Jesus and He has blessed her and her husband is afraid to do anything against her because of the Power that is in her. She called Mohabat TV and asked how she can become Christian. We explained and prayed for her in Jesus’ Name.

For Security reasons, the names and locations have been altered. The story is true, not fiction

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