Save the Lost Through the Chat Room!

2017, 5 ژوئن

Javid was a drug addict and went to camp to get clean but didn’t help. One midnight he was in pain and couldn’t sleep. Amid all his pain and sweat he cried out “Saint Jesus son of Mary” not knowing what he said, he felt a warm hand on his forehead and immediately all his pain left him and a comforting unexplainable Peace came upon him. He slept comfortably that night and never touched drugs ever since. However, he didn’t know who is this Jesus he cried out to, until he found our chat. He started asking me questions on chat, who is Jesus, why he healed me? What can I do for him… I answered his questions and explained the Gospel, he was so happy and relieved to get his answers after months of confusion! As he prayed to receive Christ, I praised God that He can use annoying ads to Save His lost sheep!

For Security reasons, the names and locations have been altered. The story is true, not fiction

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