Take my hand. I am your Savior!

Ewaz, an Afghan, called Mohabat TV from Sweden. He said he was only sixteen years old. He shared his story with the counselors. “My father and my brother used to watch your TV program in Afghanistan. They both trusted Jesus. I trusted Jesus as a young boy in Afghanistan. But I did not understand much. The Taliban killed my father and my brother. I was young. and my mother helped me get out of Afghanistan to Iran. I was biter in my life because of what happened to my father and my brother. With a lot of difficulty, I reached Sweden. Here in Sweden I did not want to do anything with God or religion. I was lonely. One night I was dreaming that I was caught in a storm in the middle of ocean. There were a lot of people in the boat, and the boat was drowning, and it was dark. At this time. I saw a man who said, “Take my hand. I am your Savior.” I am thankful to God for saving my life. Soon after that, I met with some of my own Hazara people in Sweden who helped me understand fellowship of God’s people, He has healed me and has changed my life. I am thankful to Him.”

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