Remember Me in Your Kingdom!

October 18, 2017

Jamileh went for a short trip to Netherlands to visit her daughter. She came across Mohabat channel on satellite and watched Omide Javidan program where the host was talking to a caller and explaining the good news of Jesus, Son of God! It was very new to her and interesting. When she came back home to Iran, she purchased a satellite so she could continue watching Mohabat. One night as she was watching, she closed her eyes and prayed; “Lord Jesus, if you are here, remember me in Your Kingdom!” She felt Jesus’ Love embracing her and He gave her a piece of bread. Confused, she called in to ask what just happened to her and prayed with the same host, Pastor Rasoul, to receive Christ as her Lord. She has witnessed to her daughter and family and they have accepted Jesus too

For Security reasons, the names and locations have been altered. The story is true, not fiction

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